The Burrington Family

The Family Tree
Henry Burrington 1460 to 1492
Henry was born about 1460 in Chudleigh, Devonshire, England to unknown parents. He married about 1490 to an unknown Christian woman, who some call Christiane (born 1465, also in Chudleigh).

Children of Henry and Christiane
Maud (b. 1486)
Nicholas (b.1488)
Thomas (b. 1490)
John (b. 1491)
Robert (b. 1493)

John Burrington 1491-1545
John was born in 1491 in Chudleigh, Devonshire, England and died after April 13th, 1545. He married about 1513 in Chudleigh to Agnes (born 1495 in Chudleigh).

Children of John and Agnes:
Humphrie was born 1514 in Idford, Somerset, England. He married about 1542 to another Idford native.

Children of Humphrie and unknown woman: John and Gilbert.
Gilbert (1545-December 5, 1634, born and died in Sandford, Devon, England) Gilbertís children were John, Mary, Joan and Elizabeth.

John Buryngton 1543-1606
John was born about 1543 in Sandford, Devonshire, England. He was married about 1568 to Elizabeth Atwell (born 1548 in Sandford) and died July 8, 1606 in Sandford.
Children of John and Elizabeth:
Robert (b. about 1569-after 18 July 1646)
John (b. 1571)
Thomazin (b. 1573)
William (b. 1574)
Joan (b. 1575)
Mary (b. 1576)
Elizabeth (b. 1578)
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