The Burrington Family

The Family Tree
William Burrington 1574-1629
William was born 1574 in Sandford, Devonshire, England. He married Alice Gullock (born before June 14, 1588 in Shobrooke, Devonshire, England) on November 10, 1604 in Sandford, Devonshire, England. William died by August, 1629.
Children of William and Alice:
William (born before January 26, 1616 in Sandford, Devonshire, England)

William Burrington II 1616-1641
The name of Williamís first spouse is unknown, although she gave birth to William Burrington III, born on August 8, 1641, in Sandford, Devonshire, England.

William Burrington III 1641-1729
Born and christened on the same day, August 8, 1641, he married about 1662 to Jane Poor.

Children of William III and Jane Burrington:
Mary Burrington (b. 1663) Portsmouth, RI
Sarah Burrington (b. 1665) Portsmouth, RI
Elizabeth Burrington (b. 1667) Tiverton, Newport, RI
Abigail Burrington (1696-December 4, 1711) Portsmouth, RI
Robert Burrington (1698-August 11, 1738) Portsmouth, RI
Roger Burrington (b. 1671) Portsmouth, Newport, RI
John Burrington (b. 1673) Portsmouth, Newport, RI
Alice Burrington (b. 1684) Tiverton, RI
William Burrington (b. 1685) Portsmouth, Newport, RI

Roger Burrington 1671-1764
Roger married Elizabeth Shrieve (or Sherrif, evidently the script from the original document is hard to read) on April 29, 1714 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI. Elizabeth was born on November 16, 1693 in Portsmouth. Roger died on December 3, 1764, probably in Portsmouth as well.

Children of Roger and Elizabeth Burrington:
William Burrington (b. November 10, 1717) died as an infant
Robert Burrington (about 1719)
Mary Burrington (b. April 26, 1721)
Elizabeth Burrington (b. August 21, 1724)
William Burrington (b. December 18, 1731)
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