The Burrington Family

The Family Tree
William Burrington 1731-1794
William Burrington was born December 18, 1731 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI. He resided in in Portsmouth his whole life, following agricultural pursuits. He married Sarah Lake on November 11, 1753. He died in 1794. After his father died, William inherited all his housing and lands, stock and household goods, except that which had been left to his mother, Elizabeth.

Children of William Burrington and Sarah Lake:
William Burrington (b. July 4, 1755)
Jonathon Burrington (b. September 14, 1757)
Daniel Burrington (b. August 27, 1759)
Elizabeth Burrington (b. December 15, 1761)
George Burrington (b. March 8, 1764)

Jonathon Burrington, Sr. 1757-1823
Jonathon Burrington, Sr. was born in Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island and married Sarah Faulkner (also spelled Faulknor) (b. 1759) on January 20, 1785 in Berkley, Bristol County, Massachusetts.

Children of Jonathon Burrington, Sr. and Sarah Faulkner:
George Burrington (b. 1789)
Joseph Burrington (b. 1791, d. 1880) Married Martha Lamb
Henry Hudson Burrington* (b. 1793)
Anna Burrington (b. 1796)
Jonathon Burrington, Jr. (b. December 18, 1798 in Massachusetts)
Jefferson Jesse Burrington (b. 1810 in Franklin, Massachusetts)

Jonathon Burrington, Jr. 1798-1870
Jonathon was born December 18, 1798 and died November 8, 1870 in Windsor, Dane County, Wisconsin. He is buried at Token Creek Cemetery in Windsor. He married Arena Fairbanks 26 January, 1818 in Colrain, Franklin County, Massachusetts.

Children of Jonathon Burrington and Arena (Irena) Fairbanks:

Diana and Diantha Burrington, twins
There is some discrepancy about when the girls were born: One source indicated their day of birth was July 15, 1818. Another source shows Diana was born on July 26th and Diantha on July 28th in Massachusetts. Diana died as an infant in 1818. Diantha married Horace Cornwall (1813-1883) in New York in 1836. She died in January 9, 1895 in Richland County, Wisconsin.

Maria Burrington (May 21, 1820-1862) Born in Massachusetts, she married Daniel Francis in New York and died there.
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