This poem was written in remembrance of September 11, 2001.

Targets Hit!

We see the face of evil and the power
Of hatred bred in darkness come to light
To quench our sun and stars
And belie the crisp September air
With acrid products of unanswered blows
Forever to be questioned
In bold defiance of satanic orders,
Victim hero-saints' and mourner-friends'
Images explode,
Burning with compassion and commitment,
Righteous hail and faceless yet despise
This mangled heap of hearts.
Hearts once separate, peaceful and unbroken
Now forever flawed but forged in fire
Are rising to proclaim
The anthem of a dawning era born.
Targets hit:
Love prevails!

James David Burrington

The Burrington Family

2003 James David Burrington,
All rights reserved